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February 17, 2010

1Pantaenius offers a unique flexible crew medical insurance and crew accident policy. They are backed by the Pantaenius service, renowned for its professionalism.

crew medical insurance and crew accident policy

The importance of medical and accident insurance for paid crew cannot be overemphasized.

A crew medical insurance policy covers costs of treatment for paid crew in the event of illness or accident; complementary crew accident policy guarantees sums of indemnity and financial support in case of permanent invalidity or death. These two policies cover the crew 24/7, during working hours, off duty, but also during the weekend and holidays.

Crewmembers should not be without this protection.

Moreover, yacht owners (=employers) should be able to choose the most appropriate medical and accident cover for their paid crew.

Both insurance contracts are available for active crewmembers under contract who work full time on board a pleasure yacht.

The cover can be taken out either by the owner of the yacht / employer for the whole crew or by the individual crewmember him/herself.

A client's comment:
"Thank you for the good news, and for being so quick with it. I must say that dealing with you has been a pleasure, and not a heartache as some insurance can be."
Duncan John Stickland.

Pantaenius offers new Crew Medical Insurance
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